After being told he would never fly an F-16 again following a combat incident in Iraq, Captain Cal “Spectre” Martin made an abrupt transition to civilian life early in his career.  
Years later, Spectre had finally adjusted to civilian life.  He had found happiness despite losing his dream job. He had a stable civilian job and his fiancee, an F-16 pilot in the unit that had grounded him, was his best friend and lover.  Spectre was finally happy again.
A sudden breakup thrusts Spectre’s newfound happy life into chaos.  His world is turned upside down.  Two weeks later, his fiancee goes missing in an F-16 during a night training exercise off the Florida Coast.
Spectre Rising is the story of Spectre’s search for answers.  As Spectre digs deeper into the incident, he uncovers a deadly international conspiracy that leads him to a daring final mission.  

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