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Military Thriller fans looking for the next Brad Thor have found their savior in C.W. Lemoine’s SPECTRE Series.

— BestThrillers.com

You can’t help being drawn into Spectre’s passion and his devotion to doing what is right no matter the risk. I was definitely intrigued by the great research that Lemoine must have done to write SPECTRE RISING. This book was definitely very intriguing and had a lot of action throughout. The information seemed very well researched and realistic yet understandable for the average person. Overall, I really liked the book and the action. Five Stars!

— Readers’ Favorite

IR Verdict: SPECTRE RISING is a fast-paced thriller with a great protagonist who thoughtfully pushes the plot forward with integrity and ingenuity.

— IndieReader.com

Action, action and more action! SPECTRE RISING is exceedingly dynamic and moves and turns as fast as the F-16 jet that the book’s hero, Captain Cal “Spectre” Martin is flying…..The end of this international terror story and the fate of the protagonist will not disappoint you. Your level of adrenaline will soar with the twists and turns of the story.

— Portland Book Review

IR Verdict: AVOID. NEGOTIATE. KILL. is a tale that lovers of military thrillers won’t want to let pass them by…Lemoine’s style is a match made in heaven for readers with a Tom Clancy-shaped hole in their hearts.

— IndieReader.com

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Absolute Vengeance is a richly constructed adventure thriller made strong through its painstaking details and compelling characters.

-Foreword Clarion Reviews

As revenge thrillers go, there are essentially two kinds: those in which you hope the vigilante stops before he makes a huge mistake, and those in which you cheer the vigilante on. Absolute Vengeance is the latter, and that has everything to do with Lemoine’s sympathetic setup and choice of enemy (ISIS). There are no shades of grey here, and no anti-heroes: this is black and white, good versus evil. If you’re already on the Lemoine bandwagon, this will be comfort food. For the uninitiated, if you like Ben Coes and Marc Cameron or the late Vince Flynn, you’ll love Absolute Vengeance.


Absolute Vengeance is a well-written, well-researched war thriller dealing in the area of Special Forces and ex-Special Forces. For readers of the thriller genre, this book will be an absolute winner. It is a fine effort from C.W. Lemoine and I suspect we will hear much more in the future about Alex Shepherd, aka Wolf. Great job by the author. 

-Readers’ Favorite

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