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About the Book

It’s been said that the two worst days in a fighter pilot’s career are the day he steps to the jet knowing it’s his last flight and the day he steps to the jet not knowing it’s his last.

After years of serving his country in both the military and a covert paramilitary organization known as PROJECT ARCHANGEL, Cal “Spectre” Martin has retired to the quiet life with his wife and son. As Spectre settles in to his new life as a stay-at-home dad and aspiring fiction writer, a face from the past pays him a visit hoping to get Spectre’s help one last time.

With denuclearization and peace talks underway between the United States and North Korea, a high level general within the North Korean regime has other plans. Intelligence sources have confirmed that the general intends to launch an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon and detonate it over the United States, setting in motion a third world war.

Covert operative Freddie “Kruger” Mack’s request is simple – select and train the pilots that will fly the mission deep into North Korea to stand down the looming threat. But as Spectre reluctantly agrees to help and the mission gets underway, he soon realizes that one way or another, he may be stepping to a jet for his last time.

With the stakes higher than they’ve ever been, Spectre and his team must overcome interference from foreign agents while planning and training for a suicide mission into North Korea.